Verkoper en Exposant Toepassingen​

Vendor & Exhibitor Applications

Applications will open in October 2019

(We can  be contacted before that via the Contact Us page on this website.)

Information for 2020 Stallholders

The Holland Festival Inc, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Casey is partnering with the Dutch Community to present the Holland Festival of 2019.

All net proceeds will be for the benefit of the community. All managers & workers are volunteers.

Register with Streatrader

If you are one of our delicious street food vendors you must be registered with the Victorian Department of Health’s Streatrader system.

In Victoria, all food premises including temporary and mobile food premises such as market stalls and food vans  are required to have a Food Act Registration from their registering council before selling food.

All food vendors trading at the Holland Festival must provide the festival with a copy of their Statement of Trade, which is supplied by Streatrader.

Working with Children Check

While not a necessity for most vendors, ideally they will hold a current Victorian Working with Children Check. Please advise is of your WWCC number on the form if you have one. Vendors working directly with children U18 are required to have a WWCC.

Power and Safety Gear

All on-site power is pre-allocated per vendor applications, however vendors must supply their own electrical items, (eg. power/extention cables) and safety gear (eg. fire blankets and extinguishers). All items must be tested and tagged before the festival.

All power boards must be commercial grade or heavy duty with a switch for each power point and an RCD (safety switch). Double-adaptors, coiled extention leads and non-commercial power boards are not permitted at the festival.

Stallholders should provide all members of their bump in team (staff/friends/family/etc) with hi-vis vests if they are going to be in areas where there is traffic. These vest must be worn on site during set-up and pack-down periods – even kids! All stallholders must ensure that all members of their team are wearing closed shoes.

Marquees & Trestles

Marquees must not be pegged into the ground (there is too much chance of hitting electrical power or causing damage). Weights must be used.  Marquees can be rented from the Rotary Club (very limited amount) or from hire companies such as Waverley Hire (our supplier). They can also easily be purchased online for under $200.

Trestles can also be hired from hire companies or purchased online. They are not available for hire via the Holland Festival as in 2019.

Register all Chemicals and Dangerous Goods

Even if you are not using any chemicals within your stall, all stallholders must complete and return the HF Dangerous Goods Declaration Form if they are using LPG.

The most likely Dangerous Substance that stallholders are likely to bring is LPG. Please return a completed Dangerous Goods Declaration Form by 30 January 2020 to the Event Manager.

Cost of participation

Vendors are asked to donate 15% of their turnover for the day to The Holland Festival Inc. (unless otherwise agreed).  Rotary Vendor Insurance if requested and approved will cost $10 for the day. These fees will be collected at the end of the day.  Space is not charged for and vendors can request as much space as they require.

100% of the proceeds of the day will go to charities and community projects supported by the Rotary Club of Casey.

Vendor and Exhibitor Application
My Business is a
I will accept the following methods of payment from customers
Registered for GST
Your Postal Address
Your Postal Address
All business should be selling or exhibiting goods that have a connection to Dutch culture
Power Requirement
(Stalls will be charged to you at cost - 3x3 Marquee $150, trestle $10)
Allergy Guide
Rules and Guidelines/code of conduct
I understand that it is my responsibility to read and understand all the Festival rules i.e. the Code of Conduct, the Emergency Management & the Working With Children Policies relevant to Vendors and that I and my staff will adhere to these rules while conducting business at the Holland Festival - these can all be found on this website at the bottom of the webpages
I have Read and Agree to all the Terms of Service *
I have Public Liability Insurance
If you do not have Public Liability Insurance, you can apply for cover as a Volunteer under the Rotary Insurance cover for the Festival - but this must be individually approved
I want to apply for Public Liability Insurance
I have a Victorian Working With Children Check?
Streatrader Statement of Trade
I understand that if my application as a food vendor is accepted that it is my responsibility to register a Statement of Trade for the Holland festival with Streatrader, and that I must supply the Holland Festival Inc with a copy no later than 28 February 2019
This must be ticked or the form will not send - Thank you

Vendor & Exhibitor Application Form