Working with Children Policy

Werken met Kinderen

Working with Children Policy

This code outlines appropriate standards of behaviour towards young people

Working With Children Policy

All festival vendors and volunteers are required to comply and are responsible for promoting the safety and the well-being of young people and children under 18 (herein-after called youth) by…

  • Taking all reasonable steps to protect youth from abuse
  • Treating everyone with respect, including listening to and valuing their ideas and opinions
  • Welcoming all youth and being inclusive
  • Respecting cultural, religious and political differences and acting in a culturally sensitive way
  • Modelling appropriate adult behaviour
  • Listening to youth and responding to them appropriately
  • Reporting and acting on any complaints or concerns
  • Complying with any guidelines on physical contact with youth
  • Working with youth in an open and transparent way – other adults should always know about the work you are doing with youth
  • Respecting the privacy of youth and their families


Volunteers must NOT…

  • Seek to use youth in any way to meet the needs of adults
  • Have one on one contact with you in a private setting
  • Ignore or disregard any concerns or disclosures of abuse
  • Use prejudice, oppressive behaviour or language with youth
  • Engage in physical activities without appropriate actions to mitigate the risk of injury
  • Discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, culture, vulnerability or sexuality
  • Initiate unnecessary physical contact with youth or do things of a personal nature that youth can do for themselves
  • Develop ‘special’ relationships with specific youth or show favouritism through the provision of gifts or inappropriate attention
  • Exchange personal contact details with youth
  • Have unauthorised contact with youth online or by phone
  • Allow photographs or video recordings to be taken of young people without appropriate consent