Emergency Management & Evacuation Plan

Holland Festival 2024

Emergency Management & Evacuation Plan

Emergencies occur without notice and when least expected. Hazards are ever present and everyone must be prepared to respond immediately to any emergency. There is a need to maintain a formal structure which provides knowledgeable and skilled personnel capable of negating or minimising the losses and/or injuries .


Event organizers have a duty of care under the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (the OHS Act) to provide a safe operational environment. Under this legislation, event organisers must ensure so far as reasonably practicable that people are not exposed to risks. Proactive attention by event organisers may be achieved by a process of identification, assessment and control of safety risk

This procedure sets out the basic organisation and arrangements under which any evacuation of  the Holland Festival at the Event Centre, 1280 Ferntree Gully rd. Scoresby Victoria will be carried out.


The aim of this procedure is to:

  • Ensure the safety of all employees/volunteers and the public in the event of an emergency affecting the Holland Festival 
  • Minimise the effect of an emergency within the Holland Festival 

These aims will be best achieved by:

  • Immediate notification of an emergency to the appropriate emergency service.
  • Activation of the emergency procedures specified in this document thereby facilitating controlled evacuation of the site and occupants.
  • Where practical, containment of the emergency in the area of origin thereby reducing the impact upon the site and occupants.

Familiarity with the procedure on the part of all personnel in general, is essential to maintain preparedness and, in the event of an emergency, to speedily and effectively respond.

In the development of this procedure, the Holland Festival emphasises that it is committed to the effective and efficient discharge of its emergency management responsibilities to:

  • Improved safety of employees/volunteers, visitors, and the community.
  • Maintaining continuity of business.
  • Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Maintaining good community relations.


When planning the event, there are community expectations of fair access for all members of the community to all goods, services, entertainment and recreational opportunities available.

The following checklist is designed to assist event organisers improve the accessibility.

An accessible event not only improves the experience of an event for people with a disability, but also for a wide range of other participants including families, older adults, parents with prams, performers and staff carrying equipment.

Considerations include:

  • Temporary portable ramps.
  • A person at the entry points to offer-assistance, or an information booth.
  • Accessible toilets.
  • Concession card/Companion card
  • Clear signage and maps.
  • Continuous accessible path of travel; no obstructions and no “clutter
  • Easy access to move around the event for prams, wheelchairs or scooters.


The following names control the event and in an emergency work with the venue:

Event Manager:                   Paul Rubens (0414 602919)

Venue Manager:                  Matt Hilton (0411 736 784)

Committee Member:           Ian Donald (‭0418 533 719‬)

Security Manager:                Barry Erlenwein (0409 324 180)



Phone Number
Fire Brigade
State Emergency Service (Storms, etc.)
9696 6111
TXU Energy
131 799
Pulse Energy
132 099
Gas Leaks (24 Hours)
13 2771
Melbourne Water (Floods and Storms)
9235 2100
Poisons Information Centre
13 1126
Interpreter Service (24 Hours)
13 1450



If an employee/volunteer perceives a threat likely to affect the safety or well being of staff or the public within or immediately adjacent to the boundaries defined by the event plan, then that employee/volunteer should:

  • Assist any person in immediate danger, only if safe to do so.
  • Immediately contact Security the Security Manager Barry Ehlerwein or the Event Manager Paul Rubens and/or give details as to the nature and exact location of the emergency.
  • If evacuation is required, follow the procedure as outlined below.
  • Note the event may be run over two shifts and one of each of the listed personnel will always be available on site..


)On becoming aware of an emergency, the Manager will establish an Emergency Control Centre. Upon arrival, the Manager will assess the situation and make decisions concerning evacuation of the affected area and the site generally.

  • Ensure all personnel evacuate via the prescribed exit and keep calm and quiet
  • Advise personnel, within their area, of the emergency
  • Ensure that mobility impaired persons are adequately assisted
  • Carry out a final check of the area
  • Ensure that no personal belongings or parcels are carried which may be likely to be dropped or otherwise obstruct stairs or passages
  • Advise the Venue Manager of the completed evacuation and move to the assembly area.

Information will be included in any evacuation announcement, and it is imperative that these instructions are strictly observed.

ASSEMBLY AREAS  – See site Plan

If an emergency requires evacuation on event day, the general public will be evacuated along with staff, volunteers and stall holders to the assemble areas, outlined on site map. This is in front of and beside the restaurant about 40m from the main entrance. 

In moving to the Assembly Area, staff / volunteers must ensure that the dangers are not increased by leading people past, or in close proximity, to the emergency.  Careful consideration of exit routes must be undertaken at the time of the evacuation, including traffic hazards. There are multiple door marked “EXIT” in the market hall and these are all unlocked from the inside. The closest exit door should be used.


An ability to respond quickly and effectively will have dramatic effect on the resulting losses.

  • Try to remain calm and think about your actions.
  • Warn everybody in your area.
  • Evacuate all persons to the Assembly Area.
  • Assist any person in immediate danger, only if safe to do so.
  • Notify the Event manager of type of incident and location, who will then notify 000.


  • Remain calm
  • Attempt to keep the caller talking (DO NOT HANG UP, even after the caller has).
  • Have another person notify the Event Manager who will then notify Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance.
  • Obtain as much information as possible about the bomb (eg. location, type, size, colour of packaging, time it will explode, reasons for planting the bomb).
  • Record all information on the Bomb Threat.
  • Note any background noises, speech mannerisms and accents.
  • Consider the age, sex, state of mind, of the caller.

Bomb Threat Evacuation

  • The decision to evacuate the building will be determined by the Event Manager or, if time permits, Police upon their arrival.
  • Upon the decision to evacuate, all persons are to gather their personal effects and exit the site immediately.
  • All personnel are to assemble at the pre-determined assembly areas and await further instructions.


There is an ever-present hazard of an accident resulting in personal injury or some other medical emergency occurring. It is most important that ability exists to respond quickly and appropriately.

Upon becoming aware of an injury, employees/volunteer will:

  • Notify the Event Manager of the number of casualties and the nature and seriousness of the injuries.
  • Contact the onsite first aider to attend the incident
  • If serious, request the immediate attendance of an ambulance, call 000.

The Staff/Volunteer will assist the First Aid onsite by:

  • Offer assistance to the patient and first aider.
  • Keep the Event Manager informed of the situation.
  • Assess the potential for the incident to worsen or re-occur.
  • Investigate all circumstances regarding the incident.
  • Ensure all details regarding the incident are recorded.


If a person in attendance is intoxicated they will be refused entry. If a person is already on site and is intoxicated, they will be asked to leave the event. Victoria Police will be contacted to remove if they refuse to leave, are seen to be intoxicated and/or causing a disturbance.

Violent Behaviour

Anyone exhibiting violent or unruly behaviour that may place them or another patron at risk will be removed from the premises. Victoria Police is to be contacted to remove the offender

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