Staff Code of Conduct


Staff & Participants Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all vendors, volunteers, performers, exhibitors, and anyone employed by Holland Festival.

Ensuring Safety

  • Following Work Health & Safety (WH&S) practices and policies
  • Taking reasonable care for your own (and other peoples’) health and safety
  • Complying with any reasonable work health and safety instructions, policies and procedures given by Holland Festival management
  • Fixing or reporting potential hazards immediately
  • Using all equipment in the way in which it was intended
  • Reporting injuries, illnesses, accidents and near misses immediately to the appropriate people
  • Recognising our limitations and that common sense is fundamental to our safety. Ask for help if in doubt
  • Ensuring we are not under the effects of drugs or alcohol while volunteering

A Positive Attitude

  • Exhibiting at all times a positive and friendly approach, with the purpose of ensuring Festival attendees and volunteers have an enjoyable and memorable experience
  • Promoting the Festival at all times as a fun, interesting and diverse event

Comradeship and Teamwork

  • Working together to create an event and environment that is inclusive, supportive and encouraging to all, promoting participation and cooperation
  • Acknowledging the importance of our individual contributions to the total effort involved in providing a happy and comfortable, yet safe and structured environment
  • Acknowledging that we rely on each other and our combined efforts exceed the sum of our individual efforts

Respect for Equity and Diversity

  • Respecting all people with whom we come in contact, regardless of their race, religion, gender, ethnic background or age
  • Treating each other with courtesy, sensitivity, tact and consideration. Respecting and assisting each other to the best of our ability

Appropriate Behaviour

  • Being alcohol and drug-free prior to and during shifts and not smoking while on duty
  • Treat children in a respectful way and in accordance with the Holland Festival Working with Children Policy (documents kept on site and available for reference and guidance
  • Reporting punctually for all shifts
  • Completing all shift requirements as stipulated by the Volunteer Job Description 

Good Communication

  • Respecting constructive comment and feedback
  • Asking for support when needed. Any questions or concerns may be brought to Festival Management in person or in writing at

Leadership and Discipline

  • Giving clear directions
  • Leading in a responsible, patient and encouraging manner
  • Recognising the chain of command as part of our Festival structure and using it to activities as appropriate