Vendors & Exhibitors

This is a list of the 100+ vendors & exhibitors at the 2019 Holland Festival.
This list will be updated for 2020 as participants confirm.

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3ZZZ Radio tbc

Community Radio – Playing Dutch music inside the Bistro

Akoonah Market toy & RC shop

Toys and remote controlled toys (vars, helicopters etc) for all ages -especially teenagers

Anna's Boterkoek

TBC – Boterkoek – Butter cake


ATM for those requiring cash

Bar - Rotary Club of Casey

Dutch & Belgium beers
Aust. & NZ wines
Cider & Dutch Vodka

Bendigo Bank - Berwick Branch

TBC – Banking Services for the Festival & the Community

Benny's Satay Truck

Traditional Indonesian foods with a modern twist – 8 different foods

Bep Gompaerts

TBC – Author of Holocaust book – “1940 -1945 Shadow of my Life”

Cancer Council

TBC – Tulip Bulbs

Carole Overmaat's poffertjes


Cheeky Goose

Veal Croquettes, Frikandel, Frites & Satays

Country Fair - Wiels


Curly Potatoes - (Thexton)

Curly potatoes on a stick

Days for Girls

Helping pubescent girls in 3rd world countries

De Leesplank

Dutch language School

Dutch book Swap tbc

TBC – Swap, donate books, or take one home for $1 each

Dutch Cafe tbc

TBC – Boterkoek (Dutch Buttercake)

Dutch Choir - ZING! Sing in Dutch

Join the Choir

Dutch Courier

Newspaper with stories from and about the Netherlands (Festival Sponsor)

Dutch dolls, Delft blue & Souvenirs

Lillian Richardson’s selection of classic Dutch Dolls and wonderful collectables from Holland

E- Stralian

TBC – Finance for E-bikes – and try riding an E-Bike

European Tools

De Wit dutch garden tools such as Schoffels (hand spades), and handtools

Fresh Meal Fairy

Old Amsterdam cheese, Frites and more

Game Ed

TBC – A wide variety of wooden Puzzles, games and brain teasers for all ages.

Gippsland Jersey

Milk shakes

Henry Van Zanden

Historian and author of “1629 Mutiny on the Batavia”

Honey Dukes

Straps of sweets & ice cones

Ice cream - with Dutch flavours - 2 stalls

Ice cream served with a Speculaas, Stroopwafer, hagelslag and other Dutch treats.

Johan & Mariet's poffertes


Keeshond Club of Victoria

TBC – Keeshonden to pat and appreciate. Photo ops.