What’s on, and when and where, at the 2023 Holland Festival

The program is still to evolve but we feel confident it will be much like 2020 the details of which are listed below. We will update as the program evolves. We hope you enjoy the entertainment. The MC will be Chris Boek - lead singer and guitarist of Zuiderkruis

TimeMain Stage - Akoonah Centre
Under the Portico
SBS Radio
Outside Broadcast
10.00amGates OpenGates Open
10.30pmZing - Dutch Choir
11.10amAccordion Accent EnsembleSBS Music
11.50amHappy Muso's Brass EnsembleBest Dressed Dogs Parade
12.30pmMemphis - Band and featuring Caren ten Kate - "Sing Along!!"Accordion Accent Ensemble
1.10pmThe van Tongeren SistersFlamenco
1.50pmZing - Dutch ChoirCostumes & Hair Braiding
2.30pmHappy Muso's Brass EnsembleThe van Tongeren Sisters
4.00pmZuiderkruis Dutch BandSBS Radio Music
4.40pmDJ - Dance as if no one is watching!! Enjoy yourselves
6.00pmThank you & Close