The 2024 Holland Festival will feature performers and artists with Dutch heritage. Some musicians will perform in English, while others a mix of songs in Dutch and English.


The Accordion Accents Ensemble

The Accordion Accents Ensemble has been playing around Melbourne for over 10 years, promoting the accordion and a love for accordion music. They have performed at various concerts, venues and festivals. Their musical performances include classical, jazz, dance and folk music. Their repertoire includes many well-known Dutch classics.

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ZING! Sing in Dutch 

ZING! Sing in Dutch is a lively group of singers and instrumentalists who love singing together in Dutch. ZING! performs a wide range of Dutch songs, from traditional children’s songs, to retro hits from the 1950s – 1990s, sea shanties, cabaret, and pop-songs by contemporary artists such as Nick en Simon, Three Js, Guus Meeuwis. Since forming in 2016, ZING! has performed with their leader Jeannie Marsh at many events, including Holland Festival, Tesselaar Tulip Festival, The Boite Singers Festival, Dutchies of the Dandenongs. Zing gezellig met ons mee!  


Indi-Lee is a young singer, songwriter and guitarist with a Dutch/Sri Lankan heritage who loves to sing contemporary pop and country music as well as playing guitar. While Indi is only 13, she has big dreams of selling out stadiums in the future and travelling to Nashville. You can follow along Indi’s journey on her Instagram: @indi_lee_music

Rudy the One Man Band

Rudy the One Man Band’s roving days are over. He has trudged many miles carrying  his one man band rig of drum, monkeys, gorillas and numerous musical instruments in the past but this septuagenarian is less ambulant but no less entertaining singing, playing his Harmonica, Pan Pipes, Flex-A-Tone, Trombone, Concertina, Didgeridoo, Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Accordion, Djembe & Hi Hat. Rudy entertains from the wealth of songs and instrumentals he has acquired from years of busking at markets and festivals, playing in bush bands and appearing on Red Faces and Australia’s Got Talent. Regaling Pre-School children to adults in Aged Care Facilities and Hospices, Rudy is happiest bringing a smile to the faces of everyone he encounters.


Possum on the Roof

Melbourne based songwriters Possum in the Roof explore the poetry of Aussie country towns in their original songs inspired from their years living in Central Victoria and travelling throughout Australia. With a nod to Revivalist fire and brimstone, yodels of yesteryear and summer days fingerpickin’ on the verandah, Possum in the Roof take you on a journey through the landscape of everyday country life. With toe tappin’ tunes and sweet harmonies, Possum in the Roof brings a genuine, homegrown voice to the Australian country music scene.

Compagne Batavia

Compagnie Batavia 1600-1630 is Australia’s premiere 80 years’ war living history group. The recreation of elements of a Dutch militia company from the early 17th century including staff, Pikeman, musketeers and camp followers wearing clothing and using equipment that are exact replicas as worn by soldiers and civilians of the period. Diverse activities undertaken such as cooking, sewing, coin striking, leatherwork, starting fire with flint and steel and setting up a tented encampment help bring the Dutch golden age to life. The Compagnie also undertakes pike and musket drill according to the statutes of Price Maurits von Nassau to the beat of the drum and the waving of the flag. Group members have attended events in the Netherlands such as Bourtange, Slag Om Heligerlee and Slag om Grolle linking up with like-minded living history practitioners and taking part in large scale battle reenactments and living history displays.


The Van Tongeren Sisters are a group of singing sisters with Dutch heritage. They regularly sing together at events around Melbourne. The sisters use their rich harmonies to perform a range of styles including pop, swing, rock, jazz, 40’s and 50’s and ballads. With their firm belief that music enriches people’s lives, the girls love to sing together promoting their special sound throughout the community.

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All the way from the Netherlands, DJ Xtralars and Saxophonist Martijn de Jong have spent years playing together at so many different events, weddings and parties that they know exactly what to play, how to bring energy plus joy to the crowd and do this all in perfect synchronisation with each other. Expect the most famous Dutch songs mixed with funky and danceable international songs. Standing still won’t be an option
Shivantha is a Melbourne based Musician.
He has recorded and produced two albums.
On ‘Words From Not Long Ago’, he wrote all the songs, played all guitars, vocals, piano, string
sections and some bass.
‘Clarity’ was recorded in New York and mastered by G&J Audio (Norah Jones, Aretha
Franklin, The Sex Pistols).
It was made into a mini rockumentary titled ‘Finding Clarity’ by two film makers in New York.
‘Fallen Into You’ was #4 hit on the Top Most Requested Songs in Sri Lanka.
He plays at the Holland Festival as a 3 piece Rock Band.